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We provide a cost-efficient and all-natural way to restore your pet's pearly whites while they're awake.


Give your dog a smile with our aid in dog cosmetic teeth cleaning.

Many pet parents want the best for their dogs! While we might be aware with the various elements of care for our furry companions that entail walking, cleaning, feeding and even grooming, many pet parents remain confused with some aspects of canine cosmetic teeth cleaning. Here in the Southern Ontario area, we at Bones Pet Service provide great alternatives for dog cosmetic teeth cleaning.

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Dog Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning Services in Burlington Ontario

If you want your dog's teeth to be clean and healthy, we have several great choices for you. Contact us now for additional information or to make an appointment. Your dog will be excited and may offer you, extra love!

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Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

- All-natural and cruelty-free products, hand-scaling above the gum line.
- Pain-free, procedure while your pet is awake!
- Calming treatments anxd pet-safe essential oils are utilized.
- Pet First Aid qualification, and over 13 years in the dog industry, including canine behavioural
- Work side by side, Trained and Certified.
- The buddy system is constantly in place to protect the safety of your pets.
- Business licensed & Insured.
- All breeds & sizes!
- Cats too!

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